Who needs a limo to get dropped at the airport?   Well, I asked the same question to my friend when he suggested using an airport limo service to transport my key employees from hotel to conference hall and then to the airport. Who needs a Toronto airport limo?   May be a corporate head who wants to move with style, may be a boss who wants to make his employees feel that they are special.   A Toronto airport limo is not a thing of luxury only, it has become a status symbol now. Let me elaborate on this point.   Why it is that big-shot companies personalize each and every thing?   From the ball pens which their employees use to take note during a presentation or meeting, to the caps the wear, why their company’s logo is everywhere to dominate the horizon?   It  is because they are proud of their identity.   Likewise,  hiring a Toronto airport limo is a sign of pride.   Corporate companies hiring a Toronto airport limo conveys the sense of pride and honor to its employees and make them feel the success and prosperity which they enjoy.   Apart from the signature factor, nothing is as close to be luxurious and comfortable as a Toronto airport limo.   Travelling in a luxurious limo with all of the amenities which one might imagine and in the company of your company’s key managers,  is something unparalleled.   A Toronto airport limo can make them feel that their boss prefers them over all of the other employees and this will make them more loyal than ever.